Christopher Goodwin’s Personal Portfolio

About Me

Hello! I'm Chris, a User Experience Developer with passions for photography, ceramics, and soccer.

I believe in building a web that works for everyone, everywhere. Beginning with HTML & CSS and relying on JS to iterate upon browser-native behavior, I focus on writing maintainable and performant code that’s accessible, fast, and responsive.

Blog Posts

Accessible File Uploads

Browser native funcitonality styled to look great

SVGs and Selects

An accessible way to work with images and selects

The Digital Desk Deep Dive

Tips, tricks, and tools to keep your digital desk clean

Introducing Hover: Hover

Using Interaction Media Queries to manage hover states

Customizing Slack to Work for You

A few tweaks to make Slack more usable

Pseudo-class Crash Course

An intro to :first-child, :last-child, :nth-child, and :not